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SoftPOS Solution

SoftPOS, also known as Tap on Mobile or Tap on Phone, is an advanced payment solution that offers merchants a more convenient and flexible way of accepting payments. Without relying on traditional expensive hardware, it utilizes smart devices such as smartphones or tablets with NFC support, providing the functionality of a traditional POS terminal.

In our SoftPOS Solution, we provide a highly secure and modular system that supports third-party developers to integrate various value-added features through secure open APIs. This allows banks to accept applications developed by third parties to use SoftPOS services, providing customers with a richer and more innovative payment experience. Our modular system design allows financial institutions to choose different modules that fit their business needs, customizing the solution that suits them best.

In addition to flexibility and customization, the excellence of Soft POS Solution is also reflected in its outstanding security features. Our solution strictly complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ensuring that various standards for payment transactions are met at the operational and technical levels. Sensitive credit card data is processed in the bank’s PCI-certified data center, ensuring a secure connection from the acceptance point (card reader, mobile application, and e-wallet) to the credit card host through Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution. Our technology employs sophisticated cryptographic encryption to reduce the risks of fraud and financial crime. Before the product is introduced to financial institutions across Asia, it undergoes rigorous security testing and review processes. All of this underscores our high regard for customer data security, ensuring they enjoy the safest payment environment when using our SoftPOS Solution.

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